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OpenBSD 6.0 VPN Endpoint for iOS and OSX

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Being able to remotely connect to my home network over VPN has always been on my ‘nice to have’ list. It allows easier access to resources and direct ssh (rather then hoping through the gateway). I have recently updated the OpenBSD server I used for VPN to 6.0 and thought I would share the configuration and settings.


Calling the Square Register App from another App

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

I recently got the Square credit card reader and while I was playing with it I thought, “Hey wouldn’t it be neat to call the Square Register App from another App?”

Turns out you can.


iPhone Configuration Utility

Monday, December 17th, 2012

The iPhone Configuration Utility is a program provided by Apple for both Macs and PCs to support provisioning and configuration of Apple devices.

It is very similar to the Xcode Organizer on OS X in appearance and functionality.

With the Configuration Utility you can view the device’s name, iOS version, serial number, device id (UDID), WiFi and Ethernet MAC address and other details.

One of the more interesting things you can view is the console of the device, which means that for developing Passbook passes you can read the debug messages on Windows and do not need to own a Mac.

iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac

iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows



iOS UIAutomation Bash Script

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Here is a bash script that will either run UIAutomation scripts on an iOS App in the Simulator or on a device.

This can be useful when running UIAutomation scripts as part of continuous integration.

Install your App on the device or simulator, save the script below and edit the script appropriately.

Tested on:

  • iOS 6.0
  • Xcode Version 4.5.1 (4G1004)
  • Instruments Version 4.5 (4523)
  • OS X 10.8.2


AirPrint on Linux for iOS6

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

It is possible to print from an iOS6 (and iOS5) device without buying a new printer by using Common UNIX Printing System, aka cups.


  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • iOS5 or iOS6 device
  • Printer, USB or networked
  • WiFi network connecting iOS device and printer

NOTE: As of 2012-10-01, the current release of cups for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS does not include a fix for iOS 6. These instructions install cups and then update to the fixed version.