Raspberry Pi Install

I recently picked up a Raspberry Pi from Creatron Inc with the intention of creating a dashboard.

The following are instructions for installing Linux (Debian Wheezy) on the SD card from OS X Mountain Lion.  I used the built in SD card reader on my Macbook Air and used several different SD cards, all 4 Gig or greater and all class 10.

These instructions assume comfort with the command line.

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iOS Provisioning Naming Conventions

If you work with more then one Apple Developer account, keeping provisioning certificates and profiles straight can be a real pain.

Apple does a lot right, but this is one part of the development process that is, frankly, shit.

Naming conventions when generating a certificate request can go a long way to minimizing the drama.

If these conventions, or similar ones, are used, there is reduced confusion when examining the certificates in Xcode and the Keychain App.

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Burning cds in OS X from the Command Prompt

Looking for a quick way to burn an ubuntu linux cdrom, I found this quick way of burning an iso image from the command line:

hdiutil burn cdrom-image.iso

Apparently this will also do OS X dmg image files too.

For those like myself who like the command line tools, this is a good one to know about.

Howto: Windows Hot Key – AutoHotKey

I was looking for something that would give me hotkeys to control iTunes on Windows XP at work.

When I step away from my desk I like to pause my music when I lock it. Also, I dislike having to navigate to iTunes to change the song or adjust the iTunes volume.

I found AutoHotKey which has a scripting language, active forum and licensed under GPL.

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Howto setup Sendmail to use ISP SMTP server

In order for the WordPress emails to go out properly, I had to setup Sendmail to connect to my Internet Service Providers SMTP server.

More details after the cut.

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