Markdown Header Conversion Script


Bulk convert Markdown headers with double underlines and underlines to hash/pound/number sign style.

Markdown Header Styles

The original Markdown spec has two different styles of headers. One style using leading # characters and the other using - or = characters underneath the headers. For almost all of my documents I used the later style.

Converting Styles

As part of an update to how I use Markdown, I wanted to switch to the # style of headers. I had a couple hundred files, so I was hoping to bulk update all of the existing documents. After some false starts, the following are a series of commands that work, using find and sed.


The following were run on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) but should work on any modern Unix command line.

The find command recursively searches for Markdown files (*.md) and calls sed to do a search and replace on each.

The sed code is a little weird, but it is based off the multi-line ‘\n’ expression here and prepending a new character(s) to a line when a match is found.

The first command removes all the trailing empty lines to clean up the files and avoid any sed errors.

The second command matches with any row that has a new line followed by 3 or more = characters and replaces them with === on the end of the ‘parent’ line (removing the new line).

The third command matches with any row that ends in ===, removes the characters and pre-pends the line with #.

The fourth and fifth commands repeat the above, but for - characters, replacing them with a pre-pended##.

Final Script

From the command line, edit script:

And paste the following:

Finally, make executable:

The script should be copied to the root of the directory containing Markdown files and run.

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