Raspberry Pi Full Screen Browser (2015)


Running full screen browser on boot

This is part of a series on running a browser full screen on a Raspberry Pi at boot.
The most current version is here:
Raspberry Pi Full Screen Browser (Raspbian December 2017)

After Imaging, Before First Boot

Before installing the card in the Raspberry Pi, edit the config.txt file in the FAT32 partition and add to the bottom:

This sets the color depth and some hdmi properties.

First Boot, raspi-config

On first boot /usr/bin/raspi-config is run. The Raspbian distribution defaults to en_GB.UTF-8 UFT-8, in my experience en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 presents fewer issues.

As a result, my instructions setup en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 and a Generic 101 keyboard.

The device will also automatically login to the Desktop with user pi.

Replace the password and timezones with appropriate values.

  • Expand Filesystem: Yes
  • Change User Password: SEEKRIT
  • Enable Boot to Desktop/Scratch: Desktop Log in as user ‘pi’ at the graphical desktop
  • Internationalisation Options:
    • Change Locale:
      • Unselect en_GB.UTF-8 UFT-8, Select en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
      • Default locale for the system environment en_US.UTF-8
    • Change Timezone: America, Toronto
    • Change Keyboard Layout:
      • Generic 101-key PC
      • Other
      • English (US)
      • English (US)
      • The Default for the keyboard layout
      • No compose key
      • Use Control+Alt+Backspace to terminate the X server? No
  • Advanced Options: SSH: Enable

Then finally, reboot the Raspberry Pi.

Get Latest Updates

Always update the system:

Install Packages

Install the Chromium browser, additional fonts and some x11 utilities.

  • chromium-browser installs Google’s Chrome browser
  • ttf-mscorefonts-installer adds common web fonts
  • unclutter is used to hide the mouse
  • x11-xserver-utils installs xset, which is used to disable screen blanking

Edit Startup Scripts

Edit autostart to add chromium, unclutter, disable the screensaver and prevent screen blanking.


That’s it! You might consider changing the background wallpaper with something branded and perhaps deleting the desktop icons.

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